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We are pleased to announce our first show of 2019 and our first show  at a new venue!  It will be Saturday, April 27th, 8 PM at The Living Room at 35 East in Ardmore, PA.  

The Living Room At 35 East is a modern listening room with couches, comfortable chairs and pillows. Bring a bottle of wine, beer or cocktail and listen to DMCGW! Since the space is small (seats only 40 people) the performances are especially intimate. The venue is located In the heart of Ardmore at 35 East Lancaster Avenue,  surrounded by restaurants, bars, and shops, and parking is available in the municipal lot next door to the venue. All parking in Ardmore is FREE after 6 PM! Or you can take the train to the Ardmore Train Station and walk one block down Lancaster Ave. Also please consider Uber and Lyft.  The doors open at 7:00 pm and the show starts promptly at 8:00 pm

Since this is a small (40) person venue, we recommend that you buy your tickets well in advance of the show date as this venue tends to sell out fast and there might not be any tickets left for date of show purchase.  Ticket price is $20 per person (plus a service charge of approximately $1.29 ea) and includes BYOB fee.  Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the venue. You may only bring alcoholic beverages with you into the venue.

Tickets can only be purchased through the venue’s ticket site: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4095378

This is a unique and fun opportunity to see DMCGW up close and personal and in a way that is all about the music!.  We will have CD’s available for sale and will gladly meet our fans for photos, autographs (ours or someone else’s!) and conversation after the show!

We hope you can attend and would really appreciate your support at this new venue.


We'd like to thank Angel Alamo and his team from The Elements Media Networks for taking the time to visit with us and video tape an interview with us at our rehearsal / recording space recently. We anticipate that this interview will air / be posted in July or August. We are very honored that Angel and his team are fans of ours and that they devoted many hours of their time for this endeavor. We look forward to seeing this finished product and sharing it with our friends and fans.


All of our CD's are available for purchase below.  They make great gifts!  Or coasters, or frisbees...

"There's Time Between The Bridge And The Water" - www.cdbaby.com/cd/donmcavoythegreatwhateve4 - CD or Digital Download

"Sometimes The Characters..." - www.cdbaby.com/cd/donmcavoythegreatwhateve2- Digital download ONLY

"Peace, Love & Scrapple" - www.cdbaby.com/cd/donmcavoythegreatwhateve- Digital download ONLY


ALL three releases are currently streaming on SPOTIFY...

"There's Time Between The Bridge And The Water" - open.spotify.com/album/7rmJRKkGBhH2yIlItE3HPI

"Sometimes The Characters..."  - open.spotify.com/album/2b3KbKfPAbHDtM6s3rrJcN

"Peace, Love & Scrapple" - open.spotify.com/album/3icznptDLM8hpIhy9u6oPy


NEED ORIGINAL SONGS?  We have over 2300 of them available for licensing for radio, TV and film! E-mail us at GreatWhatever@aol.com for more information


We are honored and humbled to be nominated for a few 2018 Homey Awards by the WSTW Hometown Heroes program hosted by Mark Rogers. This is our 4th consecutive year in being nominated for awards and we appreciate the CONSTANT support of the show, its host, and the community of musicians on the show!

This year we are nominated for Best Live Act and Best Concert (our May 5th show at World Cafe Live). While you are voting, please support Dawson Street Pub as Best Live Music Venue and Black Horse Motel (EP, many songs, best band, individual members - namely Ryann Lynch - violin). Please use this link to vote: https://www.wstw.com/hometown-heroes-homey-awards-ballot/


We are pleased to announce that our song "Best Little Christmas" has been included as Track #18 on the 2018 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes Holiday Album titled "Christmas Finds a Way"! This 22 song compilation, which features only local musicians, is available NOW for digital download for $10 with all proceeds to benefit Toys For Tots. We are honored and privileged to be included in this project! https://hometownheroes937.bandcamp.com/album/christmas-finds-a-way As this is a benefit for Toys For Tots, the entire compilation must be purchased (individual tracks are not available for purchase). Physical CD's will be available for purchase after the Thanksgiving holiday. "Best Little Christmas" was played on the Sunday December 16th edition of the WSTW Hometown Heroes Program hosted by Mark Rogers.  This track is from the actual broadcast....  



Thanks to all of our friends, family and fans who attended our matinee show at DAWSON STREET PUB on Saturday November 17th!  Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows in 2018 and we will see you again sometime in 2019!


Our thanks to Mark Rogers and WSTW 93.7 FM Hometown Heroes program for playing "Leave Those Clocks Alone" on Sunday night (11-04-18) and for promoting or November 17th show at Dawson Street Pub and for mentioning the 3rd anniversary of our CD "There's Time Between The Bridge And The Water"


Thanks to all of our friends, family and fans who attended our show at World Cafe Live on Saturday May 5th! It was a very fun evening! We appreciate your never ending support! Great opening set from Germany Hill, too!!


WOW! What more can we say about all of our loyal fans at our 03/17/18 show Dawson Street Pub? You all brought your "A" game yesterday and we hope we returned it right back to you! Most of you in the crowd have been following us for the last 25 plus years and have not wavered in your support of us that entire time! For that, we truly thank you and love you for it! Thanks also to Dave Wilby and his staff at The Dawson and thanks to Tom Berra and Philly Blind Pig BBQ for the scrumptious food! Please feel free to post any pictures and videos you may have of the show to our Facebook page and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come see us again at the World Cafe Live on Saturday May 5th!


Our thanks to Mark Rogers and WSTW 93.7 FM Hometown Heroes program for playing "Leave Those Clocks Alone" on Sunday night (March 2018) in conjunction with the in studio appearance of our friend Ryann Lynch’s band Black Horse Motel.  Our fans may remember Ryann from her violin performance at our CD release show back in 2015. Thanks also to Mark for promoting our next two shows at Dawson Street Pub (03/17/18) and World Café Live (05/05/18).  A 6-minute audio clip of the Black Horse Motel 2017 Homey Award winning song “Where The Money Comes From” (which features Ryann’s stellar playing and backing vocals), our song and our show plugs can be heard here...



Thanks to those who attended our August 6th show at the Bel Air, MD Summer Concert Series at the Humbert Amphitheater at Shamrock Park.  Thanks to the Town of Bel Air for hosting the event and to Rebecca Chappell from 970AM WAMD for her introduction and for her interview segment the day before.  You can listen to that interview here...


We also want to thank HCN-TV - Hartford County Network for filming and broadcasting the show.  You can see the FULL length broadcast here...



Thanks to Angel Alamo for this interview post...



DMCGW live interview and performance on WRDV - 89.3 FM - FM Auditions program hosted by Rock Hoffman on 02-04-17. Audio file is posted....


Thanks Rock Hoffman and Al Thompson for all or your support, going back to the days when we first started!


Thanks everyone for listening and texting in to our appearance Sunday night Oct. 16th, 2016 on Hometown Heroes - WSTW - 93.7 FM! Our thanks show host Mark Rogers for making us feel welcome and comfortable and for his amazing support of all local music! If you missed the show, please listen our edited post of the podcast....



Our videos for "Happy Friday", "New Shoes","Yuengling" & “Like It Like That” and many others are posted on our Facebook and You Tube Pages!




We are pleased to share with you a NEW SONG that does not appear on any of our CD's! This a ''bootleg'' LIVE recording of "Be Sure My Heart" from our performance at the World Cafe Live Philadelphia on February 13, 2016. Click on link BELOW. ENJOY!



Thanks to the following radio stations for playing tracks from "There's Time Between The Bridge & The Water" and from our other CD's: 

WSTW  - 93.7 FM - Wilmington, DE - MarkRogers - "Hometown Heroes"  Program

WRDV - 89.3 FM - Warminster, PA - Rock Hoffman & Al Thompson

WPRB - 103.3 FM - Princeton, NJ - John Weingart  - Music You Can't Hear On The Radio 

WCLH - 90.7 FM - Wilkes Barre, PA  - Cody Colarusso

WDIY - 88.1FM - Bethlehem, PA

WAMD - 970 AM - Aberdeen, MD - Rebecca Chappell

WHFC - 91.1 FM - Harford Community College - Bel Air, ND


Thanks Dave Davis and Independent Share for playing "New Shoes"on Independent Share #109



Thanks to the Marquix Global Newtwork for this article!



On Friday, February 19th, Fox 29 TV, played some of the video for our song “Happy Friday” and provided some very nice commentary…Please see the link below


We’d like to thank Karen Hepp and Mike Jerrick for their support and nice words! Also, a quick shout out of gratitude to Dave Wilby and The Dawson Street Pub in Manayunk, Roy Hausman and Josh & Amanda at Cinebard Films for all of their help with the "Happy Friday" video.


Our thanks to Brian Bingaman of 21st Century Media for this article in The Ticket.  



Our SONG "Happy Friday" Wins Best Rock Song for October 2015!:

"A true weekend warrior's anthem, ‘Happy Friday’ will be the highlight of any week with its jubilant melodies, ripping solos and universal appeal.’



Our VIDEO "Happy Friday"Wins Best Rock Video  for October 2015!

"Don McAvoy and band mates have created the perfect visual complement to their infectious rock anthem ‘Happy Friday’; we especially loved the hilarious last bit from the band”



Our song "Happy Friday" from "There's Time Between The Bridge & The Water" is in HEAVY ROTATION on the following internet stations!



Our thanks to The Akademia and the following for their Heavy Rotation airplay of "Happy Friday":

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

KVHT Hit XM, Las Vegas, USA

KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA

KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA

KPPR Radio Paris, France

KRPR Radio Rome, Italy

KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines

KHTL Los Angeles, California USA

KHTP Phoenix, Arizona USA

KHTS Shanghai, China

KHTI Istanbul, Turkey

KHTB Buenos Aires, Argentina

A-Pulse Radio- Atlanta, Georgia

C-Pulse Radio- Capetown, South Africa

J-Pulse Radio- Jakarta, Indonesia

M-Pulse Radio- Mumbai, India

S-Pulse Radio- Seoul, South Korea

Jam XR Radio Phildelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Jam XR Radio Seattle, Washington USA

Jam XR Radio Moscow, Russia

Jam XR Radio Bangkok, Thailand

Jam XR Radio Sao Paulo, Brazil

Vibe XR Radio Detroit, Michigan USA

Vibe XR Radio Toronto, Canada

Vibe XR Radio Mexico City, Mexico

Vibe XR Radio Madrid, Spain

Vibe XR Radio Dubai, United Arab Emirates

AMP Radio- Tampa, Florida USA

AMP Radio- Melbourne, Australia

AMP Radio- Lima, Peru

AMP Radio- Casablanca, Morocco

AMP Radio- Alexandria, Egypt

WSTR Portland Oregon 

WSTX Santiago, Chile

KSTR Taipei, Taiwan

WJST Johannesburg, South Africa

WSTN Lagos, Nigeria

WBTX Chicago, Illinois USA 

WBTS St. Louis, Missouri

WGBT Berlin, Germany

WSBT Stockholm, Sweden

WBBT Brasilia, Brazil

KHZT Denver, Colorado 

KVHT Las Vegas, Nevada

WXHT Singapore, Singapore

KPHT Panama City, Panama

WCHT Kolkata, India

KVLT Dallas, Texas

KVTO Osaka, Japan

KVTB Brisbane, Australia

KVTG Guangzhou, China

KVTC Cairo, Egypt

KRSH Rush XR Stockholm, Sweden

KRSG Rush XR Goteborg, Sweden

KRSN Rush XR Oslo, Norway

KRSF Rush XR Helsinki, Finland

KRSD Rush XR Copenhagen, Denmark

NILE Radio Network Cairo, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Giza, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Alexandria, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Khartoum, Sudan

NILE Radio Nairobi, Kenya

Pump XR Hit Music Tel Aviv, Israel

Pump XR Hit Music Jerusalem, Israel

Pump XR Hit Music Beirut, Lebanon

Pump XR Hit Music Ankara, Turkey

Pump XR Hit Music Izmir, Turkey

KRSH Rush XR Stockholm, Sweden

KRSG Rush XR Goteborg, Sweden

KRSN Rush XR Oslo, Norway

KRSF Rush XR Helsinki, Finland

KRSD Rush XR Copenhagen, Denmark

NILE Radio Network Cairo, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Giza, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Alexandria, Egypt

NILE Radio Network Khartoum, Sudan

NILE Radio Nairobi, Kenya

Pump XR Hit Music Tel Aviv, Israel

Pump XR Hit Music Jerusalem, Israel

Pump XR Hit Music Beirut, Lebanon

Pump XR Hit Music Ankara, Turkey

Pump XR Hit Music Izmir, Turkey


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